Hi Sascha,

The Chebycheff Times are long over ;) This was the parallel resonance era (vulgo Ghetto) and is no longer Valid.
The answer is simple:
Just use that Spreadsheet:
While 17m might still work with decent efficieny, I could not make this work higher up.
Yes, it would create Power, Yes it would work, but efficiency was around 60% at best for 10m Band....

And to save you all some Time, Ive already calculated all the Values for 3x BS170, 13,8V Input Voltage and 5W desired Output....

3x BS170 (theoretical)         
F (MHz)3,565,357,0510,114,0518,0821,0524,928,0550,09
Load (Ohm)12121212121212121212
C1 (pF)657420307199128886950390 (-1)
C2 (pF)18641240941657472367315266237132
L2 (H)2,041,361,030,720,520,40,350,290,260,15
C3 (pF)18261215922644463360309261232130
C5 (pF)18261215922644463360309261232130
L3 (H)0,820,550,410,290,210,160,140,120,10,06
C4 (pF)609405307215154120103877743

73 Manuel; DL2MAN